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Queen Cells ( Pickup -Only )

Queen Cells ( Pickup -Only )

If you’ve got a collection of quality queens (10-30) and would like to extend your apiary or further requeen the remainder of your boxes but can’t afford to purchase a queen for every remaining box then perhaps consider the next best thing, that being installing cells into your own nucs to either grow out of perhaps newspaper merge into your existing colonies that might have aggressive, ageing or failing queens. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a ratio of 1 drone mother (a Steve’s Queen) to every 10 mating nucs. Each Drone mother will need a drone comb inserted (app 2200 cells) and a drone population that’s mature 35-40 days after that comb has been laid into. When your order is placed Steve will reach out and message you to discuss the gene line you’ve previously purchased and the supply of an alternative gene line to prevent interbreeding. If you don’t have adequate quality drone stock, you’re simply wasting your time utilising cells.

A minimum of 20 (qty subject to change) cells needs to be purchased

Sorry but I no longer do nuc to nuc exchanges of cells, please arrange your own mobile incubator, hot water bottle covered by wood shavings etc

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For every 20 Queens, an additional $6 for Battery Box and $6 Packaging fee is added. Express post delivery cost is $13 for 20 Queens.
If you are ordering from Victoria: A $75 fee for DPIRD AFB/EFB Certificate will be added + a $5 Varroa Sugar shake fee for each NUC a queen is derived from.
: A $75 fee for DPIRD AFB/EFB Certificate will be added.
QLD/WA : No additional fees. Additional Prices are automatically added based on your delivery address.
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